The Journey Begins!

This journey begins anew, although I have lived many journeys in my life.  In many cases through life we as humans will journey into areas in an attempt to seek or define our true selves.  I suppose this journey I am beginning now is a combined expedition, as I hope to combine my nature photography, passion for the outdoors, and writing into a bit of an adventure blog to share with anyone that wants to read it.  Living in eastern Washington, obviously most of my blogging will be done regionally as I hope to explore and share as many places as I possibly can.  Be sure to click on the subscribe button and the blog tab to start following the adventures!

From waterfalls to caves, and historic sites to old mountain trails, I hope to share the best parts of my adventures.  Sometimes I will trek the wilderness alone, and other times there may be friends or family by my side.  Either way, I hope you all enjoy the ride!