Finding the Magic of Mystic Falls

Having visited the falls 3 times so far, I can honestly say I have enjoyed each trip down there.  Although it was during the colder Winter months the place was exquisitely beautiful, and had that layer of pillowed silence that the cold and snow seems to bring.  Mystic Falls can be found by hiking through Trail 121 of Indian Canyon Park.  This trail is known as the waterfall loop for obvious reasons, but it isn’t actually a true loop.  Adding a bit of trail 102 will effectively give hikers a looping trail to follow down through the ravine, to the falls, and back out as described in the Hiking Project.

Some hikers are volunteering to help repair or improve many of the existing trails, and that is because the falls could be considered a sort of forgotten gem.  The area itself is known to have a bit of a history also, as the last homestead of Spokane Garry can be found there.  I don’t personally know much about that, although I understand it is a tale filled with struggle and heartache.  There is a sign along one of the major trails that describes some major events in the life of Spokane Garry, and anyone visiting the park may find the story of interest.  Spokane Historical tells of the native history in more detail, and also explains how Indian Canyon is very near Palisades Park geographically.  Tracy Rebstock explains, “The Indian Canyon Park is one park in the Palisades Park area with 155.70 acres with a waterfall, vegetation, basalt rock outcrops and trails for both hikers and horses.”

Simply looking back on my own visits, I would say this is a must visit place for anyone in or near Spokane.  It may end up becoming a favorite place to visit, as it is quickly becoming a favorite of mine.  My first visit was a solo hike and took place in late December.  The entire waterfall was basically frozen solid, and it was actually my first time seeing a winterized waterfall.  I visited again about 3 weeks later with a buddy and fellow photographer Nate.  This time it wasn’t quite as cold, and the falls were flowing quite freely.  My last visit was only a few days ago with my wife Sarah, and the trails were once again snow packed.  After a brisk and brief hike, we made it down to see a half frozen waterfall.  The falls were basically outlined in ice with water flowing directly down a channel in the center.  Each visit presented unique opportunities to see this place and every time it was outright mind-blowing.  As you venture down the trail, you almost feel as if it is a bit of a fantasy world.  Trees reach out over pathways and the small creek babbles away.  This all leads up to the opening that brings hikers right up to the foot of the waterfall.  Give this place a visit or three, because I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Here is a brief video about Mystic Falls


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Link to Creative Commons Licensing

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